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Execution without strategy is a recipe for failure

Wesleyne Whittaker

Founder, Strategist

Wesleyne and her team look forward to speaking with you. To provide you with a personalized approach.


Welcome To Your Sales Transformation

Not sure if your revenue struggles are a result of the wrong talent, strategy, process, or leadership? There is a cause-and-effect relationship between developing your people and your sales results.

Although this may seem like common sense, too many companies ignore the connection or don’t act on it. Sales acceleration is all about looking forward and developing your people to increase their performance. It will help you deploy actionable strategies for building a high-performing sales team fast.

That will in turn generate the highest possible return on sales headcount investment. High-revenue growth companies have already been reaping the rewards.

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What is Revenue Operations?

It is the compass guiding your business ship. The strategic orchestration of your sales, marketing, and operational endeavors to ensure not just smooth sailing, but a journey that is profitable, sustainable, and constantly adapting to the ever-changing sea of business dynamics.


The Best Solutions For You !


Are you looking for lasting behavioral change within your sales organization that will drive sales results?


If your existing team is busy with day-to-day tasks, an external party can help.


Change has to start at the top.  As the CEO you want to play a larger role in helping your organization.


Wesleyne will leave you thoroughly impressed with her straight-forward  excellent coaching.


We Follow This Seamless Process


Research Project

Ensuring our offerings align perfectly with market demands.


Evaluate Plans

Precision meets strategy as we meticulously evaluate plans.


Best Results

Unlock unparalleled success with our Transformed sales.

Strategically align your sales with what the market demands. This involves understanding your customer’s journey, refining your sales strategies, and leveraging data to identify the most effective marketing tactics. Think of it as fine-tuning your ship’s course based on wind and current patterns.

Ensuring your customers not only return but become loyal advocates of your brand. This involves implementing support systems, collecting and analyzing customer feedback, and designing tailored experiences that enhance customer satisfaction. In essence, we’re creating a delightful voyage for your customers, fostering long-term relationships.

Streamlining your business operations to perfection. This is about optimizing the processes that keep your ship sailing smoothly – managing your resources effectively, fine-tuning your technology infrastructure, and ensuring that every crew member is well-equipped and trained. The goal is to have a well-oiled machine that navigates through challenges seamlessly.


Execute Your Go To Market Strategy

Increased Revenue

Grow your top line revenue by attracting new customers that pay a premium for your products.

Streamlined Processes

Envision a world where every process in your business is documented with actionable steps

Higher Profit Margins

Reduce costs by training your employees to become more efficient and productive


Clients Satisfaction

Transforming sales with a relentless commitment to client satisfaction, our agency ensures every customer journey is a seamless and gratifying experience. Elevate your business success with our personalized approach.

Clients Satsifaction

Testimonials - Client's Reviews


Wade W.

General Manager, Graybar

“Thank you for helping me to find the strength to be a better leader. More than a manager, but a LEADER! We will be very close if not over our stretch goal of $23.5M in sales this year. That is a full year ahead of schedule on the 5 year plan that I created. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life!”

“Hiring Transformed Sales to support our business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, Not only did Wesleyne and her team provide clarity, strategy and sales support but the results were immediate. The first deal we closed after two strategy sessions went from a $9,000 a project to $48,000 project.”

Jenae J.

CEO, CTM Unlimited

Brooklyn D.

Global Sales Trainer, Pitchbook

“I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the straight forward candor and excellent sales leadership coaching I’ve received. Right from the onset of our engagement I’ve been challenged to expand my thinking as a sales leader. Her keep ability to deliver cutting edge and exact insights have helped me drive for results.”


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Wesleyne and her team look forward to speaking with you. To provide you with a personalized approach for your team to enable greater collaboration leading to accountable results. Our secret sauce is the ability to be decisive, confident and caring in order to help you achieve your goals.