Today, I am going to hit you with some hard truths! However, you can be assured that I am doing it all for a great cause! Because I want to help ensure that your podcast doesn’t fail! Let us dive into the top 3 reasons why a podcast fails:

The Content on your Podcast Isn’t Exciting

Whether it is because you have lost the drive to make exciting content, or just because you are trying so hard to duplicate what others are doing on their show that you actually lose the magic of your own podcast, boring show content is among the fastest methods of sinking a show. A successful podcast is about strong audio content. There aren’t any images, or pictures to distract the audience from the truth that the content is sub-par. Plus, with every new hit show which launches, listeners/subscribers are getting increasingly discerning regarding exciting content. Therefore, if your content is boring, and you do not do anything to breathe new life into your podcast, you have bought yourself and your show a ticket to Doomsville.

You Don’t Do Any Promotion or Marketing

Now, there are more available options than ever before! It’s possible to use email marketing, you might place advertisements on other shows catering to your audience or which are aligned to your niche, yet you also should explore all of the possibilities social media marketing provides. From YouTube to Facebook, TikTok to Pinterest, there are many creative methods of promoting your show that there actually isn’t any excuse not to! It’s possible to try to crack Apple’s algorithm for landing within the New & Noteworthy section, yet steadily putting out excellent content on your social media channels is a sure-fire method of getting more folks to subscribe to your show. Whichever strategies you use, the truth remains that without some type of promotion, your show won’t get noticed.

Your Podcast Has Poor Overall Results

Whether it is the editing, the writing, or the voice quality, if your end product is below average, I am afraid the writing on the wall might be saying that your podcast is missing the mark. However, that does not mean your visualization of hosting your own show has to reach its end! If it is the editing aspect of the show that is letting you down, try to partner with a company specializing in podcast editing? You will get amazing-sounding episodes and you will be free of all the stress that editing brings! If the content is solid yet your episodes are falling flat, maybe you should get yourself a co-host? Co-hosts might assist in injecting some much-needed personality and chemistry to your podcast and might be just the thing to assist in correcting the trajectory of your show. Do a bit of podcast “soul searching” and try to hone in on the areas to improve then take any necessary measures to improve these elements of your podcast.

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