Do Colors Increase Sales?

Entrepreneurs, top brands, and businesses are consistently improving their knowledge about the colors wheel and how they may lead to an increase in sales and lead generation.  The color might be pertinent to the text, a button, or a background color.

When it pertains to persuasion, the main target is emotion. And nothing – not even images or words – appeals more to human emotions than color to develop a negative or positive experience.

But the psychology of color often is a topic of disagreement in website design, sales, and marketing, because color preference widely varies between individuals. For instance, many folks prefer red over blue, while conjoined twins may prefer different tee-shirt colors.

Colors affect everyone. It does not matter whether you are designing a book, developing software, branding your business, or developing a web design cover: colors influence responses and define the mood. And the color theory is an extremely complex topic.

Graphic designers, marketers, and sales teams have always known that color plays a huge part in the success of any sales and marketing campaign. Certain colors usually stir specific emotions in customers; therefore, motivating purchases and creating brand relevance. The following is a list of ten colors that boost sales, in conjunction with the emotions they usually evoke.


Black is an extremely versatile color. It may be traditional or modern, relaxing, or exciting. Utilized as a contrasting color, it most frequently adds drama to whichever mood you wish to cast.


An earthy tone, brown is well-known as a comfort color, which lends relaxation to customers/clients.


Orange is all about energy. Orange has an attention-getting, powerful property, it is cool and fun, and makes customers feel as if they are dealing with a top-notch company.


This color is very prestigious and elegant yet adds an element of power that colors like purple cannot match. Used along with green or purple, though, gold can be a powerful color symbolizing pedigree and wealth.


Purple is a royal color, making it ideal for lending a touch of prestige and elegance to all marketing materials.


This is a versatile color. Green is inviting and warm, which lends customers a pleasing feeling. Secondly, it denotes goodwill, environment, and health. Lastly, green’s the color of money; therefore, it’ll create thoughts of wealth.


This is a powerful color; however, it also is the most dangerous shade. Use it to command your target audience’s attention and allow them to know you are confident in your capabilities.


Are you vying for the attention of a younger female demographic? You cannot go wrong with this color. It’s totally female, frilly, and fun.


When you wish to be seen as cool and trustworthy, this is the color for you. For best results, you can blend blue with complementary hues.


This is the color of power. Red grabs people’s attention and holds it, which is the reason why it is the most popular shade for marketing.

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About the Author

Wesleyne Whittaker is a chemist turned sales coach with a passion for helping others reach their professional goals. After graduating with a degree in chemistry from a prestigious university, she found success in the laboratory setting. Yet, her true calling was in the business world. She made the leap and began working in sales, eventually becoming a top international salesperson in her field.