Sales Force Diversity to Drive Revenue Impact

Whether or not businesses need diversity is a consistent subject that is brought up in virtually any industry. However, no matter how long or how much folks discuss it, the answer is yes, diversity is needed. However, most importantly, businesses ought to want diversity rather than imagining it as an obligation. Diversity is not only about building a better consumer and employer brand —it has tangible advantages to productivity, ROI, and creativity. Also, diversity offers a variety of additional positives for your business. Why should you aim for a more varied salesforce? Here are four reasons:

Bilingualism Is Beneficial For Business

The more you strive to add folks of various backgrounds to your salesforce, the better the opportunity that you will find somebody who speaks several languages. Bilingual employees usually make 10 percent more a year than their monolingual counterparts. Advantages of having a bilingual staff member include having the ability to better negotiate with partners and clients who speak another language, having the ability to grow your client and customer base by developing multilingual advertising copy, and saving funds on translators, if the need comes up.

Diverse Sales Teams are Usually More Productive

Happiness can be overrated. Staff members want to work with others like them because it’ll make them more at ease and will make the working atmosphere a bit more enjoyable. But once you present diversity into the work environment, you also are presenting new ways to deal with problems. The outcome is more productive sales teams. Businesses who split women and men more equally in their salesforce earned 41 percent more profit, even if staff members reported greater satisfaction levels when working with people who were similar to them.

Diverse Teams Are More Creative

Diverse sales teams are more productive, and they are more creative. In conjunction with more approaches to issues, diversity additionally presented more ideas from those who have different backgrounds. Within more diverse groups, ideas from those who differ from everybody else are less than likely to be shot down, which leads to fresh ideas which might drive businesses forward and produce better results. More creative sales teams generate better results, and it’ll give your business a new quality of product which might increase both your employer and consumer branding.

A Diverse Workforce Covers Legal Bases

Incentivizing more types of folks to apply for positions at your organization leads to better work, and it might assist you in avoiding lawsuits. Discrimination suits are every place, and they often are due to an employer not embracing diversity as a part of their core philosophy. Recently, McDonald’s employees sued the brand when they were fired, and alleged racial discrimination. In hiring more diverse folks and developing an inclusive environment, you are much less likely to be faced with litigation when you fire someone. Those are simply some of the reasons your organization needs diversity. There really isn’t any good reason not to diversify, and the benefits of doing so are huge.

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About the Author

Wesleyne Whittaker is a chemist turned sales coach with a passion for helping others reach their professional goals. After graduating with a degree in chemistry from a prestigious university, she found success in the laboratory setting. Yet, her true calling was in the business world. She made the leap and began working in sales, eventually becoming a top international salesperson in her field.