The Oxygen Mask Strategy: Essential Self-Care for Sales Success

In the high-stakes world of sales, the pressure to perform can often lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Enter “The Oxygen Mask Strategy,” your go-to webinar for integrating self-care into your sales routine to enhance performance and personal well-being. Join us for a session filled with practical tips, discussions on work-life integration, and strategies to supercharge your sales process without sacrificing your health and happiness.

What You'll Learn:

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Wesleyne Whittaker

Wesleyne Whittaker is a chemist turned sales coach with a passion for helping others reach their professional goals. After graduating with a degree in chemistry from a prestigious university, she found success in the laboratory setting. Yet, her true calling was in the business world. She made the leap and began working in sales, eventually becoming a top international salesperson in her field.