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4 Ways to Monetize a Podcast

4 Ways to Monetize a Podcast

Below I list my favorite podcast monetization ideas to explore. Pick those that match best for your podcast.

Request donations

The easiest method of monetizing a show is to just ask folks for money. It’s possible open a Stripe account or add a PayPal button and add in a donation form to your website. Or you can set up a campaign on GoFundMe for a collection page.

To avoid feeling awkward about this type of self-promotion, keep all calls-to-action authentic. Are you requesting donations in order for you to spend more time makingnew episodes? Tell the audience that.

If they understand where their donations are going, they will be more apt to give money.

Develop paid membership tiers

The most recent podcasting trend is developing paid membership tiers. Listeners/subscribers may pay to have access to podcast swag, private Facebook groups, or exclusive content.

The best method of getting this started includes creating an account on Patreon. It is simple to use and well-respected. It’s possible to utilize their default settings or developyour very own system of rewards and levels for donors.

If you try Patreon, play around with those level options. It’s possible to reward users for their contributions with content, swag, or other types of perks. You might notice more listeners/subscribers are willing to support your podcast because they are receiving either exclusive episodes or a physical product for their contribution.

Additional options for membership sites include Supercast and Glow.fm.

Sell ads or sponsorships

Sponsorship is the most typical method of monetizing a podcast. Apart from accepting donations it also is the most convenient because you won’t need to sell or create anything. You simply set up a deal with sponsor(s).

You likely have heard podcasters begin their break or show with something such as“This show is brought to you by [company]. If you are searching for a…” That is a sponsorship.

Depending upon how many folks listen to your podcast, sponsorships pay more. As the quantity of listeners rises, so will the revenue. However, that additionally means it’s a difficult way to earn money if you do not have all that many listeners.

Here are some places to locate sponsorship deals: • Midroll• True Native Media• AdvertiseCast• Adopter Media• Ad Results Media

Syndicate the podcast to your YouTube channel

One simple way to squeeze a bit of cash out of what you already have created includes publishing your episodes to your YouTube channel as videos.

It’s a fast process. All you need to do is enable monetization within your account settings then Google will deal with the ads and the distribution of your money.

You do not need to do much video editing. Simply add one image to the episode recording. Also consider YouTube SEO best practices in order to surface the videos in more search results.

How much money can you earn through YouTube? It all depends. Certain factors come into play such as:• views of your video• how long people watch your videos• whether viewers skip your advertisements• whether viewers click on advertisement

Usually, you can earn from $0.50 to $2.00 a view.

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