6 Sales Influencers You Should be Following


Here are 6 sales influencers you should be following:

Mark Roberge

Roberge is a Harvard Business School lecturer and Stage 2 Capital’s Managing Director. Also, he authored this award-winning book on Amazon.

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to follow Roberge because he posts amazing information one or two times per week. Mark also shares insights on business and sales on Twitter.

Kelly Riggs

Number two on my top influencers list is Kelly Riggs, B2B sales expert. He’s Business LockerRoom’s President and founder. It focuses on leadership and sales strategies.

Riggs has been a 2-time Salesperson-of-the-year national award winner and he authored 3 successful books on management and sales.

His main focus includes guiding sales leaders to hire and identify the proper sales teammates. In addition, Kelly trains sales teams to drive positive outcomes. For B2B sales, he’s among the top influencers to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Phil Gerbyshak

Gerbyshak is among the leading marketing and sales influencers with a one-of-a-kind style of speaking.

Phil is Vector Solution’s Vice President of Sales, which provides training to sales squads around the United States. Gerbyshak discusses successful sales methods and he coaches sales teams on how they can close more deals through the use of social networks.

He concentrates on the benefits of connections; therefore, Phil is more active on LinkedIn. It’s possible to see some of the best sales articles on his profile on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Koka Sexton

Sexton has been oriented with some of the best companies on the planet such as Slack, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite. He’s presently Betts Recruiting’s VP of Marketing. Sexton founded Social Selling Labs, which offers tips on B2B sales, social selling, and lead generation.

Koka has been named the number one Sales Influencer by Forbes. Twitter is his primary playground in which he shares wonderful insights for salespeople.


He’s A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO, Professional Ski Instructor, Author, and Keynote Speaker. Keenan is solely dedicated to sales. He also authored these two bestselling sales books on Amazon.

Keenan is all about selling; therefore, do not miss out on his feeds or profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Jeff Haden

Haden has a huge following on Twitter and LinkedIn, and this makes him among the best influencers to follow.

He has a diverse background from owning this bestselling book on Amazon to ghostwriting.

Haden shared his views on various subjects (mainly on sales); therefore, be sure you follow him.

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