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Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

Wesleyne Greer and her team at Transformed Sales offers sales leaders the skills to create high-performing teams. Her sales leadership coaching system offers coaching strategies that improve sales team performance, mentors developing sellers, and offers ongoing best-practice reinforcement. Wesleyne and her team helps sales leaders lead and develop teams which excel in the industry to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. 

Why choose to work with us

Sales Training

A strong sales team is critical to the success of any business, yet they are too often ignored when it comes to training.

Sales Coaching

Transformed Sales comes to you with a mission to improve performance and achieve goals.

Sales Team Evaluation

Transformed Sales offers comprehensive sales team evaluations which help you set sales quotas, specific goals and manage compensation for your sales staff.

Our mission

Transformed Sales management training improves sales leaders’ capability of holding productive conversations with internal sales team members, which creates a collaborative, dynamic environment in which sellers feel supported. In improving coaching efficiency with internal sales team players and leveraging cutting-edge sales technology, Transformed Sales helps businesses develop and build the culture needed to generate high-performing teams. This leadership coaching system offers coaching strategies that improve sales team performance, mentors developing sellers, and offers ongoing best-practice reinforcement. 

  • Work fewer hours & make money
  • Phenomenal success in our target
  • Retain, high-paying customers
  • You’ll get more done in less time

Our experience

With 10+ years in sales and leadership, Wesleyne Greer understands the challenges of being at the top of her game.

Having managed multi-million-dollar teams, Wesleyne marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales. She has a strong track record for driving revenue through sales, marketing, and ongoing customer support. This has earned her numerous accolades, including multiple “sales team of the year” and “sales excellence” awards.

Clients’ Reviews

" As a young sales professional in B2B, sales can be daunting. In a metric driven position, you understand what you are being assessed on but not necessarily how to drive results. I credit Transformed Sales for completely changing my sales approach and outlook. It was a blessing to have been made aware of such an incredibly valuable service. The foundation for your learning modules begins with a sales assessment. It tailors the experience to speed up your ramp time. The one on one sessions allow you to break down areas where you need more work. If you are striving for success, look no further! "

“ Wesleyne is a gem! We are still in the middle of our program, but a few weeks in we have seen huge changes in the foundation of our sales structure. Her accountability, coaching, and valuable tools has helped us with our sales and marketing structure that’s going to take us to the next level. Do yourself a favor, and reach out to her for yourself or your team. Highly recommended! ”

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