Striking a Balance in Leadership with Rodrigo Manjarrez

Summary Rodrigo Manjarrez shares his career journey from wanting to be a firefighter to working in sales and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the importance of passion and developing employees. Rodrigo discusses the benefits and challenges of working in large corporations and startups. He highlights the need for balance and happiness in one’s career and personal life. […]

The Importance of Talent in Leadership with Mary Shea

Summary In this episode, Mary Shea, a sales leader with over 25 years of experience, shares her journey and insights. She discusses the importance of embracing differences and being authentic in sales. Mary also emphasizes the need to invest in oneself and surround oneself with the right people. She highlights the significance of talent in […]

Finding Consistency and Healthy Close Rates with Harry Sims

In this episode, Wesleyne interviews Harry Sims, an experienced account executive and leader in the sales industry. They discuss the importance of networking and building connections, as well as the impact of good leadership. Harry shares his journey and the struggles he faced in career building, emphasizing the need for an experimental mindset. They also […]

Taking Actions and Learning From Mistakes with Larry Long Junior

In this episode, Larry Long Jr. shares his journey from college athlete to sales leader and motivational speaker. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision, working hard, and embracing teamwork. Larry also discusses the process of finding your vision and purpose, investing in yourself, and surrounding yourself with the right people. He encourages […]

Debunking The High Risk, High Reward Myth

Chris Miles shares his journey from financial struggles to financial freedom and offers insights on how to take control of your money. He emphasizes the importance of serving others, being vulnerable, and asking for help. Chris also challenges conventional wisdom about money and encourages listeners to take calculated risks and create value for others. Overall, […]

Turning Disadvantages Into Advantages in Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Summary In this episode, Jonathan Green shares his journey from being an employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of taking control of your own destiny and the high risk, high reward nature of entrepreneurship. Jonathan provides advice for those considering entrepreneurship and highlights the need to determine if you have the […]

The Power Of Focusing On Your Customer’s Why With Mark Phinick

In this episode, Mark Phinick, a fractional B2B deal coach, shares his insights and experiences in the sales industry. He discusses the changes he has witnessed over the past four decades, including the shift from initial public offerings to selling organizations to private equity firms. Mark emphasizes the importance of empathy in sales and the […]

The Role of DEI in the Sales Workforce

In this episode, Wesleyne got featured in the Untapped where she throws more light into the Diversity and Inclusitivity in the sales workforce. In this conversation, Wesleyne Whitaker discusses various topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, as well as her experiences as a black woman in sales. She emphasizes the importance […]

Understanding Your Sales Funnel with Liz Heiman

In this episode, Liz Heiman discusses the importance of having a sales operating system to bring predictability and structure to sales organizations. She emphasizes the need for founders and business owners to understand their sales process and develop a clear vision, positioning, and value proposition. Liz also highlights the role of AI in prospecting and […]

Embracing Servant Leadership To Have a Lasting Impact On Your Teams with Luis Baez

In this episode, Luis Baez, a sales enablement strategist and consultant, shares his journey from growing up in poverty in the South Bronx to becoming a successful sales leader and entrepreneur. Luis discusses the role models and books that inspired him, the challenges he faced in pursuing education, and his transition into sales. He emphasizes […]