Understanding Your Sales Funnel with Liz Heiman

In this episode, Liz Heiman discusses the importance of having a sales operating system to bring predictability and structure to sales organizations. She emphasizes the need for founders and business owners to understand their sales process and develop a clear vision, positioning, and value proposition. Liz also highlights the role of AI in prospecting and […]

Embracing Servant Leadership To Have a Lasting Impact On Your Teams with Luis Baez

In this episode, Luis Baez, a sales enablement strategist and consultant, shares his journey from growing up in poverty in the South Bronx to becoming a successful sales leader and entrepreneur. Luis discusses the role models and books that inspired him, the challenges he faced in pursuing education, and his transition into sales. He emphasizes […]

Delivering Value and Satisfaction to The Customer With Cynthia Zenti

In this episode, Cynthia Zenti shares her journey in sales, starting at the age of 13 and selling over $1 billion in cumulative revenue. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the purpose of selling and how it can help people. Cynthia discusses the need for salespeople to step outside of themselves and empathize with their […]

The Importance Of Building a Relationship With The Product Team With Melissa Moody

Melissa Moody, a full-stack marketing executive and entrepreneur, discusses the importance of human-centric marketing and putting the human at the center of sales and marketing. She shares her journey from a large tech company to the startup world and the power of knowing when to make a career move. Melissa also talks about her passion […]

The Impact of Serving Others

The conversation explores the importance of being of service to customers and the world. It emphasizes the impact that even reaching one person can have. The host and guest share their experiences of impacting lives through their work. The conversation concludes with gratitude and appreciation for the value and impact they are making. Connect with […]

Foolproof Sales Strategies to Implement with Jakub Hon

Get FREE Sales Leadership Resources at Highlights [01:00] – Getting into sales while in high school and thriving to become a respected sales guru. [04:06] – Experience he had with sales managers early on in his sales career. [10:08] – The pivotal moment when he made the transition from being an employee to being […]

Sales Success Secrets to Implement with Randi-Sue Deckard

Get FREE Sales Leadership Resources at Highlights [00:50] – Transitioning from a clinical scientist to an accomplished executive and entrepreneur who is now a marketing, sales, and customer success executive at Besler. [02:01] – The value of ally ship and mentorship for any sales professional. [05:33] – Sales vs Science: How she decided to […]

Why You Must Adopt Collaborative Selling with Carole Mahoney

Get FREE Sales Leadership Resources at Highlights [00:51] – Her initial misconception of sales and she eventually fell in love with it after a career in marketing. [05:11] – Tackling a disconnect between marketing, sales, and buyers. [08:14] – Why businesses must focus on buyer experience just as much as they do on customer […]

Email Deliverability For Sales Teams with Nicolas Toper

Get FREE Sales Leadership Resources at Highlights [00:51] – Necessity is the mother of invention – How a personal challenge pushed him into the job market and led him through the incredible career he’s had. [03:37] – Why he had to close his first business and the lessons he learned from the experience. [11:21] […]

How to Improve Your Win Rate with Rhett Nelson

Get FREE Sales Leadership Resources at Highlights [00:57] – From playing baseball for BYU to becoming a seasoned tech sales professional. [06:57] – One lesson he got from being a collegiate athlete that he applies to date. [09:33] – Period it took him to move from an account executive role to a sales management […]