complex b2b sales working with certified gap trainer wesleyne greer
complex b2b sales working with certified gap trainer wesleyne greer

Your team includes top-of-funnel demand generation, territory-based account executives, and enterprise sellers. Your pre-sales team has subject matter experts who you deploy for demos, scoping conversations, and professional services. Your revenue is contingent not just upon new logos and new markets but on customer retention and growth which is driven by your customer success team. We know. 

Your buyer is more diverse, your product offering is more robust, and you need to consistently meet the demands of your customer by knowing the value you bring and the problems you solve. It’s become increasingly important to lead conversations from the vantage point of an expert trusted advisor and leverage the resources of your company to create a competitive advantage. 

Add in the complexity of solutions engineers, product marketing, sales operations, and sales enablement – and execution becomes a real challenge. You’ve probably got sellers with diverse sales methodology backgrounds, or maybe you’ve tried to roll out sales processes and training in the past and it didn’t stick. Team and selling culture are vital, but so is subject matter expertise and industry knowledge. 

This is where Transformed Sales will help you win. There’s no need to boil the ocean. Right-sized.  High-impact. It’s about quickly leveling up your existing infrastructure and plugging holes. We work with B2B companies to quickly build sales organizations that consistently outperform goals.  You don’t just want to make your number, you want to blow it away consistently.  Whether you are trying to create momentum or maintain it, our process has proven effective for Enterprise-level organizations like yours. 

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