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How Do I Increase Sales Productivity?

You can’t just become productive overnight – it’s something you work towards, step-by-step. You can use the following strategies to help your sales team overcome productivity challenges, become more effective at selling, and boost revenue acquisition.

  • Make ongoing sales coaching a priority.
  • Advance prospects faster with value.
  • Evaluate and re-evaluate sales processes.
  • Embrace automation and technology.
  • Use analytics to always be improving.

How Do I Ensure Sales Team Collaboration?

The bottom line: lack of sales collaboration is bad for business. This includes both collaboration within and between your sales teams, and cross-functional collaboration with other departments in the larger organization. According to Miller Heiman, 91% of the top-performing sales teams collaborate cross-functionally on big deals. So here are 5 essential tips to encourage sales collaboration in your company:

  • Foster a collaborative work culture
  • Give them the right tools to collaborate
  • Centralize communication and knowledge sharing
  • Track progress and celebrate wins together
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration

What do I do when my sales team is not performing?

The most effective ways to improve the performance of your sales team include:

  • Providing the right sales tools
  • Incorporate one-on-one coaching
  • Improve your team communication
  • Always involve your sales team in the company’s vision
  • Find and hire the right people
  • Set specific goals and break objectives down into smaller, achievable tasks
  • Teach your sales team to sell to customer needs and how to be customer-centric
  • When coaching, address key performance indicators
  • Be a leader, not a micromanager
  • Work on creating a culture of high performance
  • Create daily goals
  • Track and measure sales activities
  • Create an effective onboarding & training plan

How do you motivate an underperforming sales team?

If your sales team is underperforming here is how you can nurture them and turn them into a selling powerhouse.

  • Start With Data
  • Review Their Goals
  • Go Over The Value And Customer Needs
  • Evaluate Time Management
  • Audit Their Communication
  • Ease the Process
  • Discover Their Motivator & Celebrate Often
  • Invest In Core Training

Why is my sales team not performing?

The main reasons that we can pinpoint are:

  • Inadequate sales process
  • Wrong people
  • They’re technologically challenged
  • Lack of follow-up
  • Taking the wrong approach
  • Poor product performance
  • Insufficient leads

How to increase your team buy-in?

Most managers set annual sales plans for their teams, and most of them also tend to struggle creating genuine buy-in around those goals. Diving into your sales plan without having your salespeople on board is like going to war without your troops. Your boots on the ground need to know what’s expected of them and what they’re trying to accomplish. Otherwise, their efforts are futile, and they won’t want to rush into battle.

  • What they want to know before buying in
  • What they need from you

Why do companies/Sales teams often resist sales training programs?

Training is essential to sales success, yet it often gets a bad rep. As sales professionals, what comes to mind when you hear the words “sales training?” Personally, I commonly hear reactions like:

  • I’ve done that already
  • It’s a waste of my time
  • I already know what works
  • Changing something now would be bad luck
  • I’m already hitting my quota
  • Training takes me away from selling
  • What could I possibly learn from an outside trainer?

Taking over a sales team, what should I do first?

As a first-time sales leader, there are many lessons to learn and more so now than ever, lean on your team to learn from them. You should also:

  • Help them stay organized beyond the CRM
  • Let the rockstars be rockstars
  • Never miss a one-on-one
  • Go out of your way to provide feedback on calls
  • Have them read The Challenger Sale
  • Be available when they are
  • Clear the way for your team

How can I motivate my sales team without money?

A competitive salary and attractive bonus scheme can go a long way in securing the top sales talent on the market. However, research suggests that non-financial factors also play a significant role in maintaining employee engagement and motivation, which suggests sales managers would do well to incorporate both financial and non-financial rewards into team strategies. Incentives that don’t involve money typically play to a sales person’s emotional and psychological satisfaction, which can be what ultimately makes them stay with your company. Here’s how you can motivate your sales team without money:

  • Provide regular reviews and feedback
  • Encourage communication with senior managers
  • Ask sales people to lead a team meeting
  • Celebrate the good times, publicly
  • Create competition
  • Invest in cutting-edge education
  • Get them to create their own goals
  • Provide little extras
  • Ask for advice