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The energy industry is in the spotlight. Competition and regulatory pressures are increasing, and new entrants are differentiating themselves through their customer service. Every customer conversation, in every area of the industry, makes a difference – from corporate sales teams renewing long-term contracts to service teams delivering on the brand promise. 

Transformed Sales’ ability to span the whole spectrum, from front-line service and sales-through-service to complex B2B sales, means we’re well placed to help you achieve your objectives in a joined-up way. 

How We Can Help

Driving Share of Wallet and Renewals in B2B

We can help you to achieve a consistent and client-focused approach to creating value and selling across geographies and channels. We also train staff in commercial and business acumen so that they can engage with financial buyers and channels to build a case and demonstrate financial impact.

Improving Collections

We teach and reinforce conversational skills that put the customer at the heart of the collections conversation, and can have a dramatic impact on improving collections.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

We help teams to understand the three dimensions of superb customer experience: Insight, Influence and Trust. We build the skills to deliver brilliant customer conversations, tailored to different types of buyer at different stages of their buying journey.

Improving Complaint Handling

Transformed Sales has a strong track record in improving complaint handling through culture change and conversational skills.

I'm Ready to Transform My Sales

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