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Engineering companies operate in highly competitive environments, and differentiate themselves through their people as much as their propositions. However, while the industry is characterised by high R&D and capital expenditure, less attention is often given to developing sales organisations that are able to maximise the return on these investments. And where those investments have been made, they often fail to deliver the results promised (sometimes because they try to force salespeople into a one-dimensional, cookie-cutter type of approach). 

We help our clients to push back against a range of industry issues and support their business strategies to create, differentiate, protect, deliver, defend and expand value around the whole customer buying cycle. 

How We Can Help

Slowing Growth

Transformed Sales helps engineering clients to stimulate growth through improved account management and cross-selling, including closer integration with OEM R&D teams. We speed up the time to revenue for innovative products, and help to increase the emphasis on value-added services and non-price decision criteria. Our sales training and coaching can also enhance presales and need identification.

The Criticality of Customer Experience

Strong customer experience is essential to maintaining and growing share of wallet in competitive industries. Our sales training and coaching programs are designed to make sure that your brand promise and sales efforts are fully supported through the adoption, advocacy and renewal stages of each contract.

Increasing Levels of M&A

We support functional and cultural integration of different sales teams through training and the associated change process. Adopting a consistent sales strategy and methodology avoids cross-BU and cross-territory conflict, aligns cultures, encourages staff mobility, and allows salespeople to bring ‘the whole company’ to the customer.

Increasing Power of Procurement

We equip sales teams and sales leaders with the skills to sell effectively to procurement, defending value against sophisticated techniques like ‘best of the best models, while also understanding the specific needs of procurement executives.

Increasing Channel Power

Our training can improve capabilities in channel management, including selling in, through and with the channel. We can create a deeper understanding of channel business models and how to drive symbiosis and manage the two levels of channel decision cycle.


Transformed Sales offers sales and product training to drive revenue from high-margin products and value added services (especially digital); greater emphasis on industry influencers/specifiers and non-price decision criteria; help refocusing from products to ecosystems, e.g. the circular economy or precision farming.

I'm Ready to Transform My Sales

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