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How To Best Lead Your Virtual Sales Team

Let us explore 4 ways to improve the management of your virtual sales team and lead them to success.

Establish clear expectations

While setting expectations, encourage employees to meet greater performance levels.

A German worker Gallup poll discovered that when a sales manager establishes clear priorities for their staff, around 38 percent of employees feel engaged and will try to boost their work performance.

Setting up clear expectations for your virtual team gives them a standard to sustain. The benchmark ought to involve tips for managing time more effectively, certain online procedures while working on leads, and sales goals.

Also, sales managers have to be willing to jump on a video call with their virtual sales team to talk about expectations and give an in-depth report to every employee concerning their desired performance objectives and specific tasks.

Cover the ground rules about how to locate leads, what to do as you cold-call prospective clients, when to follow-up, how to close deals and procedures regarding what you should do if they have any issues.

 Buy resources everyone can use

The majority of businesses work in the cloud. Storage companies, such as Box or Google, permit your staff to securely log in to a shared cloud and see any information. Cloud computing hasn’t taken away the need to have virtual staff on a VPN (virtual private network), but they still can be set up for extra access, control and security.

A cloud-based storage system enables team members to access data from their PC at home or smartphone and update prospective client records from any location. Cloud software assists in ensuring that all members of your virtual sales team have the data they need precisely when they need it, in order for everyone to obtain the most updated details.

Build up trusting relationships

Communication is critical to building up trust; however, it may be a challenge for virtual teams.

Managers ought to plan their working routines to overlap with most of their staff. This way, if any questions or problems come up, you can immediately respond.

As a sales manager, your communication is not always immediate, and you can’t learn your team members’ mannerisms or interpret their body language.

That is why it is vital to have the ability to keep track of your department’s progress via a shared metrics dashboard, possibly through activity-based selling. So long as they’re closing deals and completing tasks, it’s possible to leave your virtual team to manage their own time.

Sales managers should encourage social interaction

Promote positive engagement among the members of your team. Holding week-to-week meetings will open communication lines and it is an excellent way for your team to learn from each other.

Remember that meetings should not merely concentrate on work. Virtual teams miss out on that time-honored tradition of talking around the watercooler. Use chat apps or meetings to stimulate discussions surrounding everyday subjects, such as the most recent viral event or meme. Those remote office get-togethers help combat workplace loneliness and build camaraderie.

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