Losing Clients? How to Bounce Back

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It happens to all of us. Clients might leave for any variety of reasons. However, how is it possible to make the best of a bad situation? Are there measures to take which make the process of losing clients less painful? Below I list 5 strategies for dealing with a departing client.

When you lose a client say thank you

Be certain that your client knows how much you truly appreciated having had the opportunity to serve them. Although they are moving forward, they supported you, and so they deserve your words of appreciation.

Besides being the right thing to do, it also is a classy way to end a relationship. If you aren’t pleasant when losing a client, you might never have another chance at regaining their business—and it likely will not help your business reputation.

Keep the door open to future business

Tell your client that they always are welcome to bring back their business to you, no questions asked. No one is able to predict the future, so you want to ensure that your clients know you will gladly take them back.

Being grateful and gracious lets the client leave without having to feel guilty, which means they might be more likely to come back to the fold if they are dissatisfied down the line.

Spend some time finding new clients to replace the one you lost

One of my best strategies includes figuring out how much time my department and I spent serving a lost client and commit that time to bring in 3 new clients. Turning what might be considered as negative to something positive assists in keeping our concentration on the future and all of the good work we will accomplish.

In some instances, I have managed to land a new client that’s even more profitable than what I have lost. Concentrating on expanding and not just replacing a lost client will help reinvigorate your business.

Retool your approach and debrief your team

We sometimes lose a client because we did not serve them as well as we could have. I believe it is useful to find out where we failed and make sure it does not happen again.

Sit down with your team and take a good look at what it’s possible to improve on so you can better serve and retain your current clients. Then it’s possible to create a clear strategy that addresses your organization‘s shortcomings. In rethinking your approach, you might have the ability to come out more profitable, better, and stronger.

Be grateful for the chance to have worked with the lost client

This final step does not have anything to do with regaining the client you have lost. It has a lot more to do with a mindset than about the bottom line.

Client relationships do not always last forever. They evolve and grow, just like our personal relationships will. I believe the best to do is do your very best and strive to deliver outstanding service to your current clients. Your dedication to excellence might assist you in serving your current customers well and bring in new clients down the line.

Are you losing clients? Let me breathe some life back into your business. Contact Sales Leadership Coach Wesleyne Greer today at (281) 941-7272.

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