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Are you struggling to maintain market position and remain profitable due to globalization, labor shortages, issues with automation and technology, shipping and inventory management, sustainability concerns, ineffective data, and information strategies?

Then you need customized sales training that will equip your sales team with the selling skills to master your ongoing problems and solutions. That includes figuring out how to beat the competition, reduce risk, get customers to embrace change, and how to close the deal. 

Understanding what was broken within the team helped acclerate our growth 3x in 30 days.


Greg, District VP, Graybar Electric

Challenges You Are Facing

Experience Your Sales Team Transformeation


With an effective sales training program, you can choose distributors to manage inventory levels in a cost-effective and revenue-driving manner. The training will help your sales team qualify distributor partners who are up-to-date with current inventory technologies and passionate about and plan for the future. The 3-step questioning technique known as GAP (Goals, Actions and Problems) would be a great way to achieve that. Some typical questions would be:

  • Goals – Tell me, where do you see yourself and your business 3 years from now?
  • Actions – What technology will you need to achieve your goals?
  • Problems – What roadblocks might get in your way? How will you handle them?

Industrial Sales Experience


We’ve worked with both global and regional companies to help them improve sales performance.

We speak your language and teach your sales team how to achieve the greatest success in sales by bringing their valuable advice to buyers.