In this first episode of Season 3, I’ll be having a chat with Jennifer Wiens, the Senior Director of Business Development for Briotech, a late-stage startup that seeks to transform health and disinfection worldwide through the biohacking technology of H-O-C-L. Jennifer will talk to us about the value of having soft skills as a sales leader and share some of the best strategies to use when hiring salespeople (And other employees in general)

Her background after her first degree in Neuroscience started as a Bench Scientist turned Department Lead working in both the Biologics R&D and GMP space. This provided a strong Data Science foundation she applies to the wide range of Business Management functions and decisions she makes to this day.  After getting her Executive MBA and growing two startups in Boston, she came back to her home state in the PNW looking for the right fit. 

When the pandemic hit, and an opportunity to join Briotech as a Director of Product Management came along, it was an easy decision for Jen to make. With a genuine appreciation for Briotech’s mission and comradery with her new Brio-teammates, she now supports all teams cross-functionally, including Product Development, Marketing, Sales Strategy, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Regulatory, Scientific R&D, Safety, BrioEarth, and Organizational Development initiatives so all Briotech business functions are effectively matrixed, harmonized, and supporting one another. 

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:

  • The 10 years as a scientist that equipped her to later on pivot into business (02:15)
  • How she transitioned from being a bench scientist to leading teams of scientists (03:35)
  • Attracting the best talent by reassuring new and potential employees of your reliability (05:30)
  • Forming the chain of support that works well in ensuring each employee at every level keeps growing for the benefit of the business (08:02)
  • Improving on both your soft skills and technical skills in order to lead your team better (10:06)
  • Moving into the business side of things after leading technical teams (11:02)
  • Learning to gain the skills she needed to take on a sales leadership position (13:34)
  • Sustaining a lean, mean operation by building an external workforce (15:43)
  • Successful strategies behind their immense success in distribution (19:41)
  • Offering the world their transformative health-oriented technology (21:06)

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