In this episode, I’ll be sitting down with Coralyn Gonzalez, the Head of Global Sales Excipients, Drug Delivery Systems at SPI Pharma. In her most recent role, she was the Sales Manager for Actives & Formulation Ingredients for MilliporeSigma, a Business of Merck KGaA. She has also held the roles of Area Sales Manager for Budenheim USA and Outside Sales Representative for Univar USA. 

Coralyn possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership. She has over 25 years of combined experience in the Life Sciences industry and has spent the last 20 in sales. Tune in as Coralyn shares her journey from working as a chemist to becoming a global sales manager and how she has been able to ensure consistent business growth in every sales role she has held in her career.

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:

  • Why she choose to be a chemist and eventually transitioned into sales (01:50)
  • Growing from regional account manager to sales manager with a team of different experts (05:00)
  • The power of risk-taking in sales (08:11)
  • How tons of exposure in different roles enabled her to be where she is today (09:23)
  • Collaborating with marketing and other relevant departments when developing sales strategy (11:33)
  • Employing systems and processes to make things easier for their salespeople (16:03)
  • Taking on a new undefined role and building a strong structure around it that leads to consistent business growth (19:22)
  • Being driven by challenge and helping her salespeople (21:30)

Connect with Coralyn Gonzalez:

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  1. I know Coralyn, her effort and passion in what she do. Hope she can continue grow and of course I want to congratulate her for all her success.

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