In this episode, I’ll be sitting down with Alyssa Huffman, the Director of Marketing and Clinical Development at Fuse Medical, an emerging medical device company committed to the advancement of anatomical motion, preservation, and restoration by offering surgeons a fully comprehensive implant product selection for use in diverse areas. She is the CEO of her own company, Allumin8, a medical device company that combines historically significant orthopedic and spine technologies with the future of regenerative therapies. She also does consulting work in the private equity space for Neos Equity Group, LLC.

Alyssa has spent 2 decades in award-winning sales, contracting, distribution, marketing, product development, leadership, and team building. She focuses specifically on medical devices, biologics, capital equipment, robotics, and pharmaceuticals for growth strategy implementation. Her main passion lies in organically growing dynamic teams focused on uniting healthcare communities to develop medical devices, protocols, and techniques with the highest level of clinical evidence and innovation. Alyssa will share how we can apply strategy to consistently achieve sales goals and how more women can get into sales (Especially STEM sales) and grow into sales leadership roles. See you on the inside!

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:

  • Working in advertising until she got a chance to get into technical sales via a sales position in medical devices (02:03)
  • How she developed a passion for sales (05:14
  • Why she applied resilience and perseverance in her sales career (07:29)
  • The struggles of being an independent 1099 sales rep (09:34)
  • What being a woman in sales working in the OR was like for her (12:10)
  • Applying strategy to thrive in sales (13:28)
  • Transitioning gradually from being an individual contributor into leadership (17:23)
  • The small pipeline of women in STEM sales, current trends in the space, and what inspired her to start her own business (22:00)
  • Developing a team of bright people who believe in your business and its core mission (25:05)
  • Never Give Up: How more women can get into medical device sales (28:06)

Connect with Alyssa Huffman:

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    • Thanks Dina! I absolutely agree. Alyssa has so much tenacity and is a great example of hard work paying off.

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