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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed David Valentine, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and marketing madman. Dave owns 8 businesses that have generated over a billion dollars collectively for over 1000 clients including major brands and Fortune 100 companies like Target, Time Magazine, and American Express. 


When his doctor asked him at the age of 29 “Are you prepared for your heart attack?” He realized he needed to learn how to scale businesses without the stress killing him. Dave now runs his company from the mountains next to a river and 3 waterfalls. What he has learned is a powerful set of core values that shape everything about how he leads and builds his companies.


You will want to write those values down, and incredible insight about generating results in your outreach and successfully juggling multiple businesses, the effects of burnout and some steps you can take to minimize its impact, and his favorite strategies for positioning yourself to step away from day-to-day operations while still striving toward growth. So press play and listen in!


“It changes the tapes in your mind when you set small attainable goals” – David Valentine

“As long as you’re building up your team, clients will listen” – David Valentine

“The processes that you have, the way that you serve people, that can all be put together as intellectual property and sold to another buyer” – David Valentine

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