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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Robin Hills, the director of Ei4Change, a company specializing in emotional intelligence-based training, coaching, and personal development. He’s taught over 300,000 people in 195+ countries and is the author of 2 books. His educational programs are used in South Africa and India and he’s delivered keynote speeches globally. Robin has also developed the Images of Resilience coaching method and sits on the North West Committee of the Association of Business Psychology.

Robin and I dove into his world of emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. We discussed how sales leaders and salespeople, in general, can remain calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity (and thus make better decisions) by developing their emotional resilience. Stay tuned for more!


“A life as an entrepreneur is great, but life as an entrepreneur is not easy” – Robin Hills

“Everybody, whether they like it or not, is a salesperson” – Robin Hills

“When you combine your thinking with your feelings in order to make good quality decisions and build up authentic relationships – that’s selling” – Robin Hills

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