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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Tommy McNulty, the Founder and CEO of Rhythm, a venture-backed SaaS startup using AI to find and monitor areas for profit maximization. Prior to Rhythm, Tommy was the Head of B2B at NerdWallet, overseeing a team of 80+ and a $70M revenue P&L. Tommy joined NerdWallet via the acquisition of Fundera where he helped grow the company from $0 to $50M in revenue over five years. Tommy started his career as an SDR and AE at ZocDoc.

Tommy McNulty shares his remarkable journey from an SDR who elevated a company’s revenue to $70M, to spearheading Rhythm. From his vast experience, Tommy sheds light on the nuances of ascending the sales hierarchy, the essence of financial fluency for VPs, and the indispensable role of empathy in sales leadership. His insights underscore the core belief that profound skill development can lead to unprecedented opportunities in the sales domain. Tune in to learn about that and more from Tommy. You’ll get a lot of valuable insights out of it.


“If you have big aspirations, you have to throw yourself into the fire” – Tommy McNulty

“Get the idea of money, success, and showmanship out of your head, and build as much skill as you possibly can because that skill will meet an opportunity and then you’ll just take off” – Tommy McNulty

“VP of Sales will have to become financially fluent and be capable of digging deep into a P&L and making decisions based on that P&L” – Tommy McNulty

“As a sales leader, you have to make decisions and some of those decisions are difficult decisions. You have to have the courage to make them” – Tommy McNulty

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