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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Jakub Hon, the Co-Founder and CEO of SALESDOCk. With a hands-on approach to sales, he has provided leadership and consulting services to over 150 organizations, including UberEats, Microsoft, Y Soft, and Google, helping them set up effective sales processes and implement scalable sales methodologies. Alongside his work at SALESDOCk, Jakub has co-founded and served as the Head of Sales for YSOFT Clerbo. Through his various roles, he has developed a passion for helping organizations break free from sales mediocrity and unlock their full potential. 

Jakub is dedicated to showing audiences that sales can be a fulfilling and rewarding profession when approached with the right mindset and techniques. 

With his years of sales and business experience, Jakub offers insights on how to transform prospects into profitable ventures. He underscores the necessity of a well-organized sales team, guiding clients seamlessly through their purchase process, and harnessing top-tier strategies and tools for peak efficiency. Furthermore, he advocates for the recruitment of seasoned sales professionals, seasoned in the sector. Jakub stresses the cruciality of laying a robust foundation and instituting a systematic approach from the outset of a business venture. Tune in to hear more of the sales and business leadership wisdom he had to share.


“You should always define your target customers, what you want to serve them and who is best suited to person to win the customer” – Jakub Hon

“Figure out where your product market is, where you have higher chances to win, and build your sales team on that” – Jakub Hon

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