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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed JJ Reynolds, the Head of Marketing and Analytics at Mediauthentic, a company that helps businesses grow through measured marketing growth. JJ has worked alongside 1MM startups, multi-billion dollar companies, and everything in between to develop custom measurement and visualization solutions that dazzle everyone in the room. He and his team at Mediauthentic pride themselves on providing clients with a true marketing data partner they can rely on and trust. With experience in media buying, PPC, and advanced custom solutions, JJ is able to see the whole picture and take a predictive approach, answering the clients ‘next questions’ in initial implementations. The goal is always to deliver meaningful visualizations that anyone can take action on. 

JJ’s down-to-earth humor compels clients and colleagues to laugh while they learn, which, considering his long-lasting partnerships with countless clients, seems to be the key to breaking down data silos within organizations. Nothing brings a team together and encourages productive collaboration like a good laugh and non-technical jargon. He will share his years of expertise on the importance of data in your company tools that will help you understand data better and how it can all help improve your overall business. Stay tuned!


“At the end of the day, if sales aren’t where you are, closed deals aren’t where they’re supposed to be, you should know that by 45 to 90 days out depending on your sales cycle” – JJ Reynolds

“When you have a team that you’re working with, everyone should have more of a specialty so that you know who to turn to when some things go wrong” – JJ Reynolds

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