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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a candid chat with Nate Tutas, the Head of Partner Success at Membrain, an award-winning Sales Enablement CRM for B2B sales teams. Nate is a 15-year sales veteran who’s regarded as an expert in sales, sales process, and strategy. At Membrain, Nate works with some of the top sales consultants across the globe to elevate the sales profession. His efforts focus on helping sales teams improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and exceed sales targets through opportunity management and process execution. 

Having worked with 100’s of companies across 17+ countries to implement CRM, sales processes, and embedded training, Nate has a unique skill set when it comes to getting the most from your technology. Tune in to our conversation as Nate shares his incredible sales journey and we talk about a lot of topics that will be very insightful for you as a sales manager and salesperson.


“Sales and coaching are symbiotic in a way” – Nate Tutas

“You don’t necessarily need to be the top best salesperson in order to be a sales manager” – Nate Tutas

“There’s a certain level of selfishness that you have to have to be that top sales person and as soon as you step into that sales management role, there a dynamic that has to shift to where it’s no longer about you” – Nate Tutas

“The sales manager in theory should never be the one that’s actually taking the credit” – Nate Tutas

“There’s an art and there’s a science to selling, but when you follow the sales process effectively, you can better manage your deals and opportunities” – Nate Tutas

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