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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I will have a chat with Velentium’s VP of Sales & Marketing and the reigning record holder of the “Most Organized Inbox in the company”, Ben Trombold. Ben’s 10+ years of sales and marketing experience began simultaneously with his undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, where he earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. While there, he worked as a student lecturer of college algebra for seven semesters, and then picked up an internship with PepsiCo between his junior and senior years. 

The internship turned into a full-time offer upon graduation, and after a year as a sales rep, Ben then spent the next two and a half years managing up to 50 people who sold product to grocery stores in his 65-store territory. Ben then moved away from PepsiCo to become a national account manager for a financial transaction company for two years, and then was a senior sales director for a healthcare payments company, developing new business for brokerage clients. 

When that company was bought out a few years later, Ben knew it was time to switch gears. He obtained his MBA with concentrations in Finance and International Business from the University of Nebraska, and in 2018, Ben joined Velentium. It was such an honor chatting with Ben. His sales leadership insights are incredibly valuable and I hope you’ll get to apply them into your sales career to elevate yourself to the next level. Enjoy!


“The more organized all your sales team members are, and the more you communicate with them, the more efficient you’re gonna work” – Ben Trombold

“As a sales manager, you’re only as good as the people that work for you” – Ben Trombold

“If your sales team looks good, then you as a manager are gonna look good” – Ben Trombold

“Marketing is there to generate quality leads and sales is there to act on them” – Ben Trombold

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