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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a very insightful chat with Rhett Nelson, a seasoned tech sales professional with over eight years of experience in various sales positions. He is currently the Sales Director at Clozd and has worked in diverse industries such as SMB HR tech and enterprise e-commerce technology. Rhett has dealt with clients from more than 80 countries worldwide and communicated in multiple languages. He is an accomplished leader, adept at coaching, mentoring, and scaling teams. Before starting his career, Rhett played baseball for BYU, where he learned the significance of building and contributing to high-performing teams. 

Rhett and the Clozd team helps sales organizations predictably improve what is arguably the most important metric in sales: Your win rate. Rhett will discuss transitioning from merely reading the box scores to actively watching game film. This pivotal conversation is one you’ll surely appreciate having tuned into. Additionally, seize the exclusive offer from Clozd: A complimentary Win-Loss Interview led by a Clozd team expert. Don’t hesitate to embrace this invaluable insight into the reactions of prospects to your engagements.


“In sales, it’s imperative that salespeople develop the ability to roll with the punches” – Rhett Nelson

“The largest barriers that prohibit us from reaching our goals are typically the barriers that we impose upon ourselves” – Rhett Nelson

“Every sales leader knows that that initial dive into full leadership is always kind of a daunting one” – Rhett Nelson

“The most valuable insights relative to why you’re winning and losing, are the insights that will be pulled directly from your buyers and non-buyers” – Rhett Nelson

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