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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with the “Muffler Mama,” Kay Miller. As the first woman ever hired for outside sales by Amerock, a division of Anchor Hocking, she built her formidable sales career by emphasizing long-term relationships over one-time deals. Kay was named “Salesperson of the Year” for Walker Exhaust, the largest automotive muffler manufacturer in the world. 

She’s been a top sales performer ever since. In May of 2022, her book, “Uncopyable Sales Secrets,” was released, and she’s now on a mission to help others maximize their sales success. Kay will talk to us about how developing relationships with your customers organically and intentionally will help you make more sales. She will also share several other powerful sales strategies that will surely prove valuable to you, so don’t miss out.


“The thing about being in sales any way is that you always have to establish trust and credibility” – Kay Miller

“We are all buyers” – Kay Miller

“There isn’t really a lot of sales training when you’re in school, it happens out in the real world” – Kay Miller

“As a salesperson, your number one sale is that you are selling yourself” – Kay Miller

“When you’re building trust and relationship, it has to be a human-to-human interaction” – Kay Miller

“Set yourself apart from the beginning and it really informs the rest of the relationship” – Kay Miller

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