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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Bryan Charleaum the Founder of Pitching Sales Consulting. He is a seasoned sales professional with over ten years of experience in the sales industry, ranging from software to construction. Through his experiences, he has learned countless lessons and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges that sales professionals face when establishing themselves in this competitive field. 

Bryan’s first book, Pitching Sales, is filled with important and often overlooked information that can help to prepare you for the beginning stages of your career and to guide you through some of the unexpected situations you may find yourself in. His goal is to help new and young sales professionals thrive in sales.

Like all sales professionals, Bryan fought hard in his career, a path seen by many as “the only way.” He will share methods to accelerate your sales success, enhance the highs, ease the lows, and show that you don’t have to navigate the world of sales alone especially when you’re starting out. He will also have a lot of valuable insights to share with sales leaders as well, so make sure you don’t miss this episode.


“Consistency is more of an attitude because it can be very difficult in sales especially when you’re new to it” – Bryan Charleau

“In sales, you will not meet a successful person that can’t point out one or two people that helped them thrive” – Bryan Charleau

“You need to learn the entire sales process, but there is no point in knowing how to close the deal with the perfect closing line if you’re afraid to pick up the phone” – Bryan Charleau

“When you’re starting out in sales, you’re gonna get a lot of nos” – Bryan Charleau

“When you make up your mind to go from your sales job to your sales career, that is when your whole next level of what you can be and your full potential is unlocked” – Bryan Charleau

“If you don’t care about solving the customer’s problem, they can tell” – Bryan Charleau

“If you’re out to make a sale as quick as possible and just make it transactional, the customer will just not give you the time of day” – Bryan Charleau

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