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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Jordan “Jordo” Mederich, the Founder and CEO of DropFunnels, an all-in-one marketing platform to build your sales funnels, courses, websites, and more, all on a WordPress infrastructure for infinite organic traffic and Google rankings. Jordan is passionate about innovation and disruptive advertising tools. He always brings humor and insight to everything that he does. He’s also an award-winning filmmaker with his content seen on Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, CBS, ABC, and many more.

When he isn’t busy changing the landscape of online marketing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and sons fishing in the beautiful lakes of Wisconsin. Jordan was very candid in sharing how DropFunnels allows people to easily build sales funnels on WordPress, how it can help you get the best results from your lead generation strategies, why empathy and integrity are critical in sales leadership and leadership in general, what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, and so much more. Make sure you tune in. You’ll gain a ton of value.


“The concept of borrowing ethics from your early life into your professional life is what helps you to stay in alignment” – Jordan Mederich

“Entrepreneurship is the constant willingness and acceptance to face obstacles consistently and persistently” – Jordan Mederich

“Consistency is confidence in action” – Jordan Mederich

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