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Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you can use to transform your sales. Today, my guest is Dan Bigger, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Chenango Valley Technologies (CVT), a full-service custom injection molding company. Dan was gracious enough to share how he has been incredibly successful in technical sales, networking, and building the company’s brand worldwide through social media. 

He is also the Founder, Co-Host, Promoter, and Organizer of the USA Manufacturing Hour on Twitter (#USAMfgHour Twitter Chat). Dan has spent the last 25 years in the manufacturing industry and has been with CVT since 2018. He’s so pleased to have worked with so many companies to assist them with the process of plastic injection moulding and tooling manufacturing. He enjoys being part of a project as it goes from start to completion. Tune in as Dan shares his incredible wisdom with us.

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