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Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales.” Today my guest is Lauren Holtvoigt of PetDx, Inc. . 

Lauren Holtvoigt, DVM brings a unique combination of clinical practice experience in parallel with industry insider knowledge through a commercial lens that is geared toward successful growth opportunities within the market. 

Dr. Holtvoigt has deep experience in fundraising, financial, clinical operations and organizational management and is skilled in relationship and coalition building, industry trend assessment, and information dissemination. With a DVM from The Ohio State University, as well as an MBA, Dr. Holtvoigt possesses advanced talent at translation of macro commercial data to actionable and effective plans for a veterinarian, team or more broadly for a large organization.  


Dr. Holtvoigt has worked with numerous animal industry corporations and is currently working within an oncology diagnostic startup. In her free time, Dr. Holtvoigt also likes to run competitively. 

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales: 

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