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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed the Founder and President of Sales Manager Now, Rene Zamora. After a successful 23-year sales and sales management career, Rene was one of the pioneers of Fractional Sales Management. Sales Manager Now is a virtual sales management firm. The consultants in his firm provide small business sales teams with sales leadership, hands-on management, and professionalism that has been absent in companies that have more market potential. 

The results have been more sales, CEOs leading as a CEO, and scaleable sales departments. He has memorialized his system in the book written to small business owners, “Part-Time Sales Management” for Small Business Sales Teams. In our conversation, we will talk about fractional sales management and how it can help you scale your business. Rene will share how to motivate a sales team to hit revenue goals, why it’s essential for sales leaders to share as much information as they can with their sales team, and much more. Tune in, enjoy, and don’t forget to share!


“Employees can take the truth. Give them the right to change or give them the right to choose to accept, but treat them as adults and let them make a choice” – Rene Zamora

“If you wanna have weak salespeople, have your sales manager as a closer” – Rene Zamora

“Looking outside ourselves can help us a lot of times especially when we’re stuck” – Rene Zamora

“As a salesperson, as a leader, as a business owner, remember your purpose and what you’re there for” – Rene Zamora 

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