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In this Women in Sales Month episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I will talk about how can organizations increase their sales team diversity by recruiting more women. One of the largest challenges that women face in sales is overcoming bias and stereotypes. Many think of jobs in this industry as positions men excel at because of the aggressive nature associated with sales. Women’s sales abilities are often underestimated, and this viewpoint has become a common unconscious bias among individuals in sales. 

So how can organizations go about hiring more saleswomen? First, they must acknowledge the added benefits women in sales can bring to the workplace and then seek to understand the challenges they face. They must then take the necessary steps to attract and retain them. And I’ll share exactly how to go about that in this value-packed 13-minute episode so stay tuned.


“Many women that are in technical roles don’t think that they can be in sales because they don’t see anyone like them and there’s no one mentoring them” – Wesleyne

“If you want to increase the number of women in sales you should become a self proclaimed ally” – Wesleyne

“In order to get more women into sales management and sales leadership, it goes back to that individualized coaching plan” – Wesleyne

“There are still so few women in business-to-business sales” – Wesleyne

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