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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Joshua McKenty, the Founder and CEO of Delving, an enterprise platform to track and manage changes to mission critical Excel workbooks. He is a founder and startup executive with more than 20 years in transforming science into software. Joshua previously held senior technical roles in the field as the CTO of many different companies. From Netscape to NASA to Pivotal, Josh McKenty has always paid attention to the details, which led to starting Delving. He’s an active angel investor and humanitarian.

Joshua emphasized the importance of attentive listening in the tech and sales sectors. He stressed the value of celebrating the achievements of sales teams and highlighted that the depth of problem-solving required is contingent on the target audience. Joshua also pointed out how sales leaders should go about leading their teams effectively and so much. You won’t wanna miss this episode. Stay tuned!


“There are so many places where technologists and salespeople go off the rails because they’re not listening or because they think they know better than what they’re hearing” – Joshua McKenty

“You have to learn to take pride in your sales team’s accomplishments” – Joshua McKenty

“How much pain you have to solve really depends on who you’re doing it for” – Joshua McKenty

“As soon as you can raise money, hire people, and do sales, you’re an executive” – Joshua McKenty

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