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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Sales Trainer, LinkedIn Coach, and Co-Founder of Sales as a Profession, Jarrod Best Mitchell. He has been in sales roles since 2006 and with the years of experience he acquired, he has been sharing his knowledge with individuals and organizations to help them improve their sales performance and achieve their goals. He worked for international companies such as Digicel, DHL, Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung. His company, Help Me Sell, offers sales team coaching, sales process auditing, and helps C-level executives optimize their LinkedIn profiles. 

Jarrod is a sales expert with a proven track record, boasting over 2 million organic views of his content in under two years. Emphasizing that “nothing happens until a sale is made,” he explores crucial sales topics including the significance of a sales-focused mindset, debunking sales personality myths, mastering the art of selling, leveraging content to address customer inquiries, and the pivotal role of video content in establishing trust and authority. For sales leaders and professionals seeking transformative insights to enhance their sales performance and meet targets, listening to this episode is very essential.


“I don’t think all-day sales training makes sense” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“There is a difference between sales training and sales coaching” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“If you have a sales team, there should be a manager and a coach who work side by side” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“You can’t expect a sales manager to coach when they have 8 billion tasks to do” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“You would 10X your revenue if you hired a good sales coach for your sales team” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“Sales training is a band aid, coaching is actually fixing the problem” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“I don’t think you should train salespeople who don’t want to be trained” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“It’s better to train people who are coachable top performers” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

“The most important thing you can do to increase your sales, is to build your personal brand” – Jarrod Best Mitchell

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