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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I will address the issue of mental health in sales. According to The National Survey of Drug Use and Health, sales is the 11th top profession for depression and mental illness. And in a recent survey by PayScale, 73% of respondents rated the Sales Account Manager role as “highly stressful,” ranking it second on their full list of stressful careers. If you’re in sales, you’ve most likely experienced some sort of stress, anxiety, or mental burnout. Considered a “top performer?” 

Those statistics double as pressure to hit higher goals increases. Results-based careers often rank at the top of these lists because of the constant pressure, lack of control, or unpredictable and long hours needed to find success. Which makes people performing in these roles more susceptible to experiencing things like anxiety, depression, and just overall mental burnout. To help you hedge yourself from all that, I’ll share my expertise on how you can deal with rejection, feeling like you’re not enough, being in a toxic work environment, and so much more. Stay tuned!


“Our mental health, as a sales professional, gets hit daily” – Wesleyne

“You have to recognize that rejection is a typical part of sales” – Wesleyne

“You have the power to change your career. You have the power to change your mental health and stability if you are in a toxic workplace. You speak up” – Wesleyne

“It is so important for you to be able to show up to work each and every day and feel that you are in a mentally, emotionally, and physically stable environment” – Wesleyne

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