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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Cole Gordon, the Founder, and CEO of, a company that recruits, hires, and trains the top 1% of sales representatives. Their expertise lies in creating ethical selling frameworks that eliminate awkwardness and sales pressure and building a team of setters and closers that delivers consistency and predictability for the business. They help clients master leadership-driven sales. Cole started out by being one of the top closers in the high ticket industry- having sold over $10 million in online coaching, consulting, and agency deals within a few years of his career. 

He then scaled his own consulting company to over 8 figures in less than 1. 5 years. Now, he builds, trains, and consults the sales teams of hundreds of 7 and 8-figure companies online through his company Closers. io, having worked with teams like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Aleric heck, and others. Cole talks about his entrepreneurial journey, how he got into the sales world, and how he went from the worst to the best in this field. He also shares his knowledgeable insights about how salespeople can improve their sales skills, how sales leaders can build and scale their sales teams, and so much more. Stay tuned!


“With sales, if you’re going to get good, you have to have coaching” – Cole Gordon

“The fastest way to get very very good at sales is to find people who are better than you and have them review your sales calls, sales meetings, or what have you” – Cole Gordon

“Sales is a lot about objection prevention, not objection handling” – Cole Gordon

“You’ve kind of gotta let your salespeople have their own room to breathe without a ton of micromanaging” – Cole Gordon

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