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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with the Customer Success Sales Leader at Microsoft, Helen Fanucci. Helen is an MIT-trained engineer who has built her reputation and career managing teams responsible for billions of dollars of quota. She developed the Love Your Team system of sales management over a 25-year career on the front lines at top tech companies including Apple, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Microsoft. Helen is the author of “Love Your Team, A Survival Guide for Sales Managers in a Hybrid World”, which launched on Nov 1st 2022 on Amazon. 

The book is a conversation-by-conversation survival guide for sales managers who want to thrive in a world where their top talent can walk out the door without taking a single step. She also hosts the Love Your Team podcast, which focuses on retaining top talent and building high-performing teams. Get ready to take notes as Helen shares a powerful sales team leadership secret that will help you not only build stronger team culture and grow revenue but also create long-term customer value and relationships.


“Sales isn’t really an individual sport particularly in business-to-business selling” – Helen Fanucci

“One thing that really undermines a seller’s effectiveness is to make stuff up and talk about things that they don’t know about because to foundational to selling is really to be able to build trust with the customer” – Helen Fanucci

“If we as individuals have something going on, we can’t show up well for our customers or our work” – Helen Fanucci

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