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In this Happy Birthday episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I celebrated 2 years of running this labor of love that I started to keep you educated on how to become a sales manager or leader, and how to consistently thrive at it. Managing a sales team is not for the faint of heart. By nature, salespeople are strong-willed and focused on winning. Managing them is less like herding cats, it’s more like herding sharks. Except, in this case, you have to get each shark to sustain a five-minute pitch on how your product improves business outcomes in a specific vertical.

So what does sales management do to keep their team happy and well-fed, without dulling their competitive edge? Make sure you tune in to the episode because I will share the skills and habits you should adopt in order to be a successful sales manager and leader. You will get practical tips you can apply today, to begin seeing drastic improvements in your sales management and leadership skills. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!



“If there’s no positive thing that you can find about an employee, something the’re doing right, then you really need to change your mindset” – Wesleyne

“Our salespeople must recognize us as human beings that they can tap into, and go to and ask questions” – Wesleyne

“If you have a low performer, you need to coach to that person’s areas of opportunities” – Wesleyne

“Communication is very important when we are working with our reps and we’re developing them” – Wesleyne

“A leader actually leads from behind and below” – Wesleyne

“Your job as a sales leader is to minimize yourself and elevate every single person on your team” – Wesleyne

“As a sales leader and coach, it’s your responsibility to focus on elevating the team, leading with empathy, and making sure that they have everything they need to be successful in their positions ” – Wesleyne

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