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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed St John Craner, the Managing Director of Agrarian Rural Marketing, a company that specializes in training and teaching sales teams to perform at a higher level using human-centered psychology. St John is also the host of the Rural Sales Show podcast.

He grew up in the farmland of Essex and started his career at McCann in the UK before finding his way to New Zealand. There, his career has spanned corporate marketing, as well as agency marketing roles. But his first love is growing rural businesses. He will share his incredible journey and tell us the top ways to increase your leads and sales by implementing your buyer’s mindset and tapping into the psychology of selling. Stay tuned and enjoy!


“When you try to control the sale, you won’t make the sale” – St. John Craner

“If someone doesn’t feel safe in a sales situation, and you don’t make your buyer feel safe, they’re not gonna buy from you” – St. John Craner

“When you’re managing a sales team, you cant control them. You have to be curious, to coach them and facilitate them” – St. John Craner

“You can’t educate a customer, you need to align to their motives and designs” – St. John Craner

“Sales success starts with yourself” – St. John Craner

“If you’re a service-oriented person, you’re going to be very technically strong. If you’re a salesperson you’re going to be very emotionally strong. Blending the two is how you get that superpower” – St. John Craner

“Products don’t reject you, people do” – St. John Craner

“When we serve the best interests of our clients rather than the best interests of ourselves, we’ll make more sales” – St. John Craner

“Curiosity versus criticism is a very important mindset to have in sales” – St. John Craner

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