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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Udi Ledegor, a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and currently the Chief Evangelist at Gong. As Chief Evangelist, Udi oversees Gong’s category leadership in the Revenue Intelligence space by bringing new products to market and advancing thought leadership. 

While serving as Gong’s Chief Marketing Officer, he led the creation and leadership of the revenue intelligence category, pioneered an iconic, human-centric brand, and led Gong’s Marketing efforts from zero to hundreds of millions in revenue. Passionate about startups and brands during the day, whisky and music in the evening, he’s also an author, speaker, angel investor, and startup advisor based in San Francisco. Udi will graciously share how you can grow as a sales or marketing leader and so much more. Don’t miss out. 


“Customer success is really considered an extension of sales or revenue organization” – Udi Ledegor

“Sales and marketing alignment should be very strong and should be a huge priority from both sales and marketing leaders” – Udi Ledegor

“Marketing exists to make sales easier” – Udi Ledegor

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