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In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Valentin Radu, the Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, a growth enabler for mid-size DTC eCommerce and retail companies looking to increase customer lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs. Before anything else – Valentin is a perseverant experimenter. He has gone through various jobs, companies, and entrepreneurial ventures before identifying customers’ real needs and defining the perfect go-to-market strategy. Nowadays, he is a Customer Value Optimization evangelist and international speaker, defining a new category and helping retailers grow. 

Valentin is also the Founder and Instructor at CVO Academy, where he coaches and teaches e-commerce businesses how to scale their brands profitably and sustainably. Customer retention is something that any brand looking for continuous success should invest in, and there’s no better person to talk about it than Valentin. He will talk about that and explain why sales leaders knowing their lifetime customer value is more important than ever if they are going to deal with elongated sales cycles. Don’t miss out on his valuable insights on that and so much more.


“Many companies disregard customer lifetime value even though this is the sure highway to profit” – Valentin Radu

“Be kind to the people that you give a chance to, because it’s not always about the numbers. It’s about the emotions and the learning journey for those people” – Valentin Radu

“Google, Facebook, and other companies are teaching us a lot of things about acquiring customers but nobody is taking care of keeping customers happy and providing for them based on their expectations” – Valentin Radu

“You can’t be profitable if you don’t care about your customers coming back to buy again and to become evangelists for your company” – Valentin Radu

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