Finding the right people who will not only sell, but who will also thrive in your culture is often a serious challenge. We help clients develop a world-class, sales-specific hiring process to identify, attract, assess, interview, select, hire, on-board, and retain top sales talent who will succeed in your business within the parameters of your pricing model, competition and challenges.

Our process for hiring better salespeople is customized to address your company’s specific situation. We recognize that some firms have a process in place for hiring salespeople and may just need help in specific areas, so we’ve developed a flexible approach. For instance:

  • You may need help developing the right job profile and improving your job postings so that you attract more of the right candidates.
  • You may want a more efficient process to screen, assess and interview viable candidates.
  • Perhaps your onboarding is not enough to ensure your hire meets production expectations

Hiring usually touches many areas of your business including management, HR and training so we work with each of these areas to make sure that we maximize your company resources when hiring salespeople.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Selling manufacturing and distribution services
has many obstacles to success, especially in
today’s global economy.


It is not uncommon for engineering companies to
focus on operations, they need to have a strong
salesforce as well.

Plastic and Chemicals

Regulations on the plastics and chemical
industry continue to increase, leading to
some unpredictability in the market.


It is rapidly growing industry which means
finding salespeople with experience in
promoting your company could be difficult.


When it comes to selling energy, there is
more to it than simply knowing your stuff.
You need to understand your customer completely.

Complex B2B Sales

There is no doubt that B2B sales can be
difficult and when the sale is complex, it
can seem almost impossible.

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