Transformed Sales Mastery Circle

Sales champions aren't born.

They're made through mastery and perseverance.

Transformed Sales Mastery Circle

Sales champions aren't born.

They're made through mastery and perseverance.

Who Is This For?

Determined sales professionals committed to mastering the art and science of sales.

Our Edge

What makes us stand out is our dedication to actionable learning. We focus on equipping you with both the fundamentals and the finesse of successful selling, leadership insight, and emotional resilience to go beyond just thriving.

Who Is This For?

We aim for everyone in our community to reach and surpass their personal goals. This journey demands dedication, and we ask for your 100%.

View this as a strategic investment, not an expense. With consistent effort, the returns on this investment are manifold.

What’s at Your Fingertips?

Complete sales training tackling the sales journey from A to Z

Extensive library of motivational and instructional videos, e-books, and how-to guides

Engage in our interactive live coaching sessions for real-time advice

Build Your

Collaborative accountability pairing to tackle the challenges of sales and leadership

Regular meetings with a dedicated accountability partner, fostering a supportive growth environment


Monthly Investment


Annual Investment


Are You Ready to Write Your Success Story?

Step into the circle with Transformed Sales Mastery Circle and start crafting your legacy in sales.

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Lock in your spot in our Transformed Sales Strategy Collective and accelerate towards success

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Hands on Sales Training

Grassroots and innovative sales techniques with actions to takeaway and implement immediately

Multimedia Learning Hub

Videos, in-depth guides, and e-books at your fingertips

Live Weekly Coaching

Get all your sales questions answered and practice your new skills while getting live feedback

Real Results

Hear From Those We have Transformed

We focus on equipping you with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to excel. By fostering a culture of accountability and excellence, we help you build a your sales from the ground up.


See What Our Clients Say About Us

“Thank you for helping me to find the strength to be a better leader. More than a manager, but a LEADER! We will be very close if not over our stretch goal of $23.5M in sales this year. That is a full year ahead of schedule on the 5 year plan that I created. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life!”

Wade W. General Manager, Graybar

“Hiring Transformed Sales to support our business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, Not only did Wesleyne and her team provide clarity, strategy and sales support but the results were immediate. The first deal we closed after two strategy sessions went from a $9,000 a project to $48,000 project.”

Jenae J. CEO, CTM Unlimited

“I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the straight forward candor and excellent sales leadership coaching I’ve received. Right from the onset of our engagement I’ve been challenged to expand my thinking as a sales leader. Her keep ability to deliver cutting edge and exact insights have helped me drive for results.”

Brooklyn D. Global Sales Trainer, Pitchbook

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