Sales Team Diversity

Building a diverse sales team takes work, but it’s worth it. The research is very clear: more diverse sales teams do better.

According to an article written by sociologist Cedric Herring and published in The American Sociological Review, companies with the highest levels of diversity brought in 10 to 15 times more revenue than companies with the lowest levels of diversity.

Diverse companies tend to have greater revenues, market share, and customers.

Research from McKinsey suggests that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to generate revenue that’s above the median for the industry.

Companies with strong gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform industry medians. A more diverse sales team is better able to think outside of the box, solve complex problems, and ultimately generate revenue.

Why Is Your Team Not Diverse?

In sales having a diversity or thought and perspective is what helps strong teams achieve growth.

JeNae, CEO, CTM Unlimited

Savvy sales leaders recognize the value of a diverse sales team, actually recruiting a diverse team is challenging.

To address the problem, you can implement these actionable tips for recruiting a diverse and inclusive sales team

Define your company’s vision for a diverse team and analyze where you are.

Develop a system for tracking diversity on your team over time.

Identify where your job candidates are coming from with an eye towards diversity.

Scrutinize your job ads to ensure the language you are using is inclusive.

Establish diversity and inclusion on core company values on your website.

Experiment with blind recruitment practices.

Create workplace policies that are consistent with attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.