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Want to make your salespeople more efficient and productive? Consider having us help you change the way you train them, or better yet, help them learn. Self-directed learning has been shown to reduce training costs and allow sales teams to grow at their own rate, in the areas where they know they need improvement. Most formal sales training programs typically provided by the organization or manager do not take into account individual needs and previous experience. 

For this reason, it may be irrelevant for some employees. Self-directed learning is a kind of training that allows individuals to identify skills they would like to improve, and to work on those skills at their own pace. Overall, with the assistance of Transformed Sales, Self-directed learning can be drawn upon throughout the organization. Research has found that it’s most useful for salespeople, who play an important role in the overall success of the organization and make many job-related decisions on their own (such as probing customers for information, maintaining quality of customer contact, and gauging the amount of attention customers need).

Manufacturing and Distribution

Selling manufacturing and distribution services
has many obstacles to success, especially in
today’s global economy.


It is not uncommon for engineering companies to
focus on operations, they need to have a strong
salesforce as well.

Plastic and Chemicals

Regulations on the plastics and chemical
industry continue to increase, leading to
some unpredictability in the market.


It is rapidly growing industry which means
finding salespeople with experience in
promoting your company could be difficult.


When it comes to selling energy, there is
more to it than simply knowing your stuff.
You need to understand your customer completely.

Complex B2B Sales

There is no doubt that B2B sales can be
difficult and when the sale is complex, it
can seem almost impossible.

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