Transformed Sales comes to you with a mission to improve performance and achieve goals. Wesleyne Greer focuses on helping your team assess themselves in order to discover problem-solving skills so that your business grows.

It is our desire to create an environment where your staff feels motivated to excel, take on responsibility and strengthen relationships at all levels of your company. Your sales managers should be driving performance and, if you are not seeing achievement, it is possible your team could use a little coaching. Transformed Sales offers sales coaching programs that are designed to encourage learning, promote changes in behavior that may be hindering success and improve results. It is important to note that results should not be the only measure of success, although many managers use that as benchmark.

Sales coaching can help your managers and their staff see ways that they can improve sales through learning and behavior changes. With brutal honesty, Transformed Success provides your team with solution-focused methods to improve. We do so with a collaborative method so that every member of the team knows that they are valued and respected, providing tips to applaud success even if it is minor. A good coach knows that the best way to measure success is through excellent results, but there needs to be a focus on how to get to those results in the right way. Wesleyne offers those methods to your staff, giving you results you need to take your company further and climb above your competition.

Transformed Sales works with you and your management staff, acting as a resource to promote asking the right questions so that your team members can discover on their own the best course of action. This works better than simply telling someone what they are doing wrong and how they need to fix it. By questioning and providing insight, your sales team can learn to problem-solve on their own and develop processes that can improve your bottom line.

Not only does Transformed Sales provide coaching programs, they also include details on when coaching is necessary and when it is not. Wesleyne understands that managers may find coachable moments outside a formalized coaching plan. There will also be times when coaching is not necessary, such as when a salesperson presents a problem along with a solution. If things seem to have gone off track or feedback from a client indicates a problem, there is a need for coaching. After Transformed Service’s sales coaching program, your managers will be able to handle the coaching needs and keep your salesforce on track.

Transformed Sales offers a wide range of coaching programs that can be customized for your company. Provide your management staff with the tools they need to help your sales staff succeed by offering them sales coaching options. You can learn more by giving us a call or filling out the easy online form today. Help your management team develop outstanding skills through coaching programs and let your sales staff begin problem-solving in order to grow revenue.