Transformed Sales offers sales consulting services using methods developed by Wesleyne Greer. There are many reasons why your company may need sales consulting services, including significant turnover in the sales department, lower revenue or a lack of organization in the area of sales. If these are occurring, it is possible that you have some areas that need addressing related to sales. Because Wesleyne believes that honesty is the best policy, she will review your protocols, processes and sales activity to tell you exactly where you can make changes and improve your bottom line. 
Has your business suddenly noticed an increase in competition, whether a similar business has opened in your area or the industry itself is growing? This could have led to lost customers that are affecting your bottom line. Changes to the marketplace are not uncommon, but if you fail to change your direction, your company could suffer tremendously. Transformed Sales will provide you with a deeper insight into your industry and provide you with the tools you need to overcome your competition. We will not only provide you with proven methods, but also help you implement the changes quickly to help you avoid any further loss of revenue. 
It is also possible that your sales team is not relaying a clear message to customers on the value of your product or service. This could lead clients to begin looking at competitors for what they need if those who are competing with you have a clearer message. Transformed Sales will talk to your sales team to determine what they believe you offer to customers. In many cases, we find that each salesperson gives us a different answer which indicates a disconnect between sales and the company mission. Once we determine this, we will work with your team to help them develop a clearer message and steer your business back on course again. 
One sign that you may need a sales consultant is high turnover in your sales department. Hiring the wrong salesperson will cost you time, productivity and money. When one person leaves the department soon after being hired, it is a sign you hired the wrong person. However, if you have difficulty keeping anyone in the department for more than a year, that is a sign that your sales culture needs to be changed. Transformed Sales will review your hiring practices as well as your sales culture in order to help you create a salesforce that is passionate about your company. 
Transformed Sales and Wesleyne can help your sales force gain a clearer focus in order to bring in more revenue, helping your company succeed even with increased competition. You can learn more by filling out the easy online form or by calling us today to see how our sales consulting services can help take your company to the next level.